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Couples Counseling

Pre-marital, Discernment, and Marital Counseling.

Couples counseling is for any that are in a relationship. All can benefit from learning how to connect on a different level. Hope is not lost.

Curtain Duo


Disconnect in marriages and relationships leaves feelings of discouragement and defeat, causing the question of, "what else can be done?" or "what else can I do?" 

Finding and re-establishing that connection, building a new, stronger foundation and clearing away barriers are steps to drawing closer together as one unit and finding happiness in each other.


Hope and Happiness

We recognize there is real pain from broken marriages and families. Our hearts desire to offer love and acceptance to those in any situation, while working to restore faith in God's perfect plan for marriage. 

Scripture identifies the marriage as the foundation for the family, and the family as the building block of society. We like to use an approach that emphasizes strong marriages being a key to resolving multiple issues with an encouragement of family involvement in treatment whenever appropriate.

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