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Individual Counseling

Getting you to where you want to be


Invest in yourself

When you are struggling, it can seem dark and lonely on an unknown path, as you are looking around wondering and trying to figure out a direction, seeking out the light. We, here at Kaleo, realize the difficulty and battle within oneself to make the decision to seek counseling. Taking this first step is the beginning of you taking charge and investing in yourself to get where you want to be.

Service Needs

Adjustment Disorders





Grief and Loss

Law Enforcement and First Responder

Post-partum difficulties


Stress Management


and more

Forest Road
Forest Trees
Forest Trees

Finding your light

Finding the light through the darkness may seem hopeless but it is within your grasp. Discovering your own strength, finding balance, and realizing your inner beauty is just the beginning to finding your light.

With support through counseling this can be realized within yourself... and we will be by your side along the way.

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