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Children and Adolescence

Let's talk about the kids...

Happy Children

Child & Adolescent Counseling
"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded" ~Jess Lair

Let's face it, parenting does not come with a manual.  We have them for a little while and then send them off into the world hoping we have done our best.

Counseling can help children and adolescents explore areas in life that may be causing problems in social, emotional, or cognitive development. Counseling can also assist children and adolescents to communicate their experiences in developmentally sound ways. 

With an emphasis on safety and trust, Kaleo works with children and adolescents to explore their current inner and outer world and find ways to express this in a healthy way.  

Child Counseling
Serving Ages 6+

What happened to you? 

Children often have challenges with communicating what's going on with them because they do not yet have the brain development to communicate like adults.  Their form of communication often looks like "bad behavior".  

We will help children begin to learn appropriate ways to explore and communicate their lived experiences while enhancing their toolbox so they can go out in the world feeling safe and confident to explore and grow.  We will also collaborate with parents so they feel confident in their parenting approach. 

Schoolboy Portrait
A Hug

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescence is a confusing time in life and can be extremely frustrating for parents. Teens face a time where they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood and parents are facing a shift in parenting roles to offer more mentoring, guidance and support. This is a huge transition time for all family members and no doubt causes friction in the family unit. 

Counseling can assist teens in understanding this huge life transition, work through a very confusing inner world, navigate healthy relationships, develop healthy boundaries, increase self-worth and confidence, and learn assertive communication and healthy conflict resolution. 

We can assist with re-engaging parents and teens during this vulnerable time so they can grow together rather than apart.  

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