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Kaleo Counseling, PLLC

Everyone can benefit from taking time to intentionally reflect on their life, which often leads to developing a renewed sense of purpose and accomplishing new goals. None of us are immune to hardship or pain, and it definitely takes a leap of faith to reach out for support. You don't need to walk this path alone. With empathy, genuineness, and providing you with a space of safety and trust, we commit to walking the shadow with you and be a guide to help you find your light. We feel blessed to be able to walk alongside you during these times.

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Our Mission

What are you called to?

The word Kaleo in Greek means "to call" or "to give name to." Each of our counselors here at Kaleo Counseling believe they have heard that calling. The belief we all have a unique purpose is an integral part of our approach in counseling. We strive to help people give a name to what they're dealing with, create a vision for healing and truly embrace their potential. 

The mission of all who work with Kaleo Counseling, PLLC will be to use our individual, God given gifts to minister to others... facilitating healing, instilling hope, and empowering individuals, couples or families to gain a sense of strength and peace from hardships they encounter. 

With gratitude,

The Staff at Kaleo Counseling, PLLC

What we offer

We offer counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. We address a variety of needs while using an array of modalities and techniques, working with each client to develop their personalized approach. 


Cost of Services
It's time to invest in yourself

The first initial 50-minute intake session will be charged at a rate of $145 for individual counseling and $165 for couples and family counseling. Each session following will be charged at a rate of $130 per 50-minute session for individual counseling and $150 per 50-minute session for couples and family counseling.

Kaleo Counseling, PLLC is an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Sheild (this does not include Healthy Blue). Individual counselors may be in network with additional insurance companies. Please see individual counselor description for additional insurance options.

Kaleo Counseling, PLLC offers a subsidized scale for our self-pay rate to those who qualify.

We never want a financial burden to be an obstacle for someone receiving the support they deserve.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and Health Savings Account cards.

Payment is due after each session and we request that a credit/debit card be kept on file for ease of processing payments.


Cancellation Policy

 We request a 24-hour notice if you are unable to keep an appointment. There will be a charge for no-show appointments or frequent late cancellations. For appointments that are missed without notification, a full session rate will be charged.


We understand life happens and things outside of your control will arise that may make it impossible to provide 24-hour notice for cancelling. We allow one incident per client per three months, but any cancellations beyond this will be charged the normal session rate. 


Please be mindful that by not communicating the need for a cancellation, the spot cannot be filled, and it is depriving someone else of a session. Giving notice as soon as possible allows us to help you and help others.

Meet our team

We at Kaleo Counseling, are dedicated to our clients and we care for each individual's healing and progression.

Click each counselor's name to learn more.

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Owner, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Associate

Contact Us

21 Kirkland Rd.
Franklin, NC 28734

Phone: (828) 634-1569

Fax: (828) 634-1579

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